NFT Consultancy

Get A to Z insights about your NFT project and how to move forward, includes guides and advisory meetings

NFT Development

Clean and error-free development of smart contracts, generative art collections and minting site

NFT Writing

Interesting and insightful write-ups about your NFT projects catering to over 3,000 audiences

Blockchain Development

Stable and reliable production of token gated systems, ERC-20 tokens, marketplaces and much more

Web3 Partnerships

Form strong bonds with the big players in Web3, connect with influencers, sponsors, speakers and thought leaders

Tokenomics Advisory

Detailed reports on your token profile, use cases and long- term roadmap advisory.
Take full advantage of Decentralised Finance

Web3 Speaking / Coaching

Education and awareness on NFTs and Blockchain, learn on utilising blockchain technology to scale your business!


The idea of blockchain astounded me roughly 2 years ago, to the extreme extent where I chose to pivot from my medical profession.

A decision that has allowed me to help a myriad of entrepreneurs, leaders and experts to build their business with the leverage that blockchain technology provides.

I’ve helped: 

  • Experienced marketing experts to harness the strength of NFTs to allow brands to form strong community presence among their customer base.
  • An international rapper to produce a highly profitable NFT collection that enabled him to build more connections and provide his fans with a medium to be a part of a community.
  • Multiple business owners inject blockchain technology into their pre-existent business model that increased sales by over 200%, simultaneously beating their competition.