6 Rules to build a NFT Community in 2022

Read this before launching your NFT project to avoid ultimate failure

Too many NFT projects, too many Discord servers, and too many shitposts.
How do you know which one is the right one for you?
How do you attract more people to join in your epic NFT journey?

Well, these are 6 Rules to build an exceptionally well NFT Community.

But before that you may ask me, why do I need to know this?
Well, as the NFT space grew bigger, so did our understanding of it.

In 2021, all you needed to do for a successful NFT project was to

  1. Twitter and Discord filled with bots
  2. Over-promise on roadmap
  3. Quick Cash grabs are the main goal

That all changes in 2022 and even more so in the coming years.

Here’s what to look forward to:


This is directly related to the planning of the roadmap. NFT projects may be based on hype and sheer dumb luck(ahem, goblins). But chances that your project will pump over the moon are rare.

Instead, think about sustainability.

Plan your roadmap according to your team’s capabilities and don’t be a derivative.

In simpler words, do what you are already doing, but with the help of NFTs, you can now make it bigger and better.

Also, just because a project was extremely profitable, does not mean that you should copy its roadmap.
That will just lead to over-promising, burning your team out, and ultimately giving your NFT project a RUG status.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


Building a great community starts with giving.
Why are music artists famous?

Because they offer value in the form of entertainment for everyone, this, in turn, converts a random person into a fan, and more and more fans turn into a cult.

That’s the mindset you need to have when interacting with your community.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash


An awesome team goes a long way.
You could have an NFT project with 3 people on the team or even 2.
The size of the team plays little role, what does is the credibility your team carries.
Make sure your team is able to answer queries from your community, make sure they are able to resolve issues, and attend to your community constantly.

But also remember, don’t push too hard and burn out.
Your community will be able to recognize that you are trying too hard and give up on the project.


Bored Ape Yacht Club changed the NFT space.
Cryptopunks changed the NFT space.
So did Okay Bears and many others.

What made them that way?
Because their team found the answer to one important question.

What is my NFT supposed to be?

This core question needs to be addressed even before the art is planned.
Your NFT must not be just a jpeg file.

What does it represent?
Is it a Metaverse-ready project?
What blockchain are you going to be using and why?

Set some ground rules for yourself. This will help with the direction of your entire project.
The blockchain, NFT, and Web3 technology are just now brewing and the answers to these questions will help you and your team set a direction.

Web3.0 has grown into a beast among technologies and it’s going to be the next thing in the future.


Web3 technology is in its infancy and there are many things to be learned, and I believe the more the team learns about it, the more they will be able to offer to their community.

Think tokens, metaverse, cross-chain interoperability and more.

Discord has been the only option for building an NFT community for now, but there are some teases about another platform.


Many projects out there treat their community wrongly.
They pretty much behave as though their community are their “customers” and constantly try to sell them their NFT.

Offering them Whitelists and giveaways are not the only things that you can do for your community.

Think more and think big.
Think of them as friends and family, think of them as people instead of wallets.

Think of them as your fans.

Well, these are a few basic pointers for you to kick-start your NFT project.

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